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About SilverOak

Awards & Recognition Disclosure

SilverOak is proud to be recognized for awards and listings.  Any reference to any award, recognition, listing or ranking for SilverOak and/or its employees is done on behalf of unaffiliated third parties and should not be construed as any endorsement.  The criteria used are determined by the unaffiliated third-party organization and are generally based on publicly available information and/or information provided by SilverOak to the organization.  SilverOak has a reasonable basis to believe that any questionnaire or survey used in preparation of unaffiliated third-party ratings is structured to make it equally easy for a participant to provide favorable and unfavorable responses and is not designed or prepared to produce any predetermined result.


Any award, recognition, or ranking does not evaluate the quality of our services provided to clients and is not indicative of any past or future performance.  Any receipt of an award or recognition is no guarantee as to future success or any guarantee that the firm or its employees will be awarded this accomplishment in the future.


SilverOak does not compensate any organization to be selected or considered for an award, listing or ranking.  Certain awards may allow advisors to purchase additional profile advertising space or promotional products once awarded.


For additional information on criteria used, please see the links applicable to each award or recognition or contact our office for further information. 



Five Star Wealth Manager Award (2010-2023)


Shannon, Kathy, Jonathan, Nick and Alex were named as recipients of Five Star Wealth Manager’s Award for 2023.


The Five Star Wealth Manager award, administered by Five Star Professional, names recipients each year using an in-depth research methodology that includes satisfying ten objective eligibility and evaluation criteria that are associated with providing quality services to clients.  Factors taken into account include education and professional designations, experience, assets under management, number of households served and client retention rate.  Candidates also undergo a thorough regulatory and compliant review.


Candidates do not pay a fee to be considered or placed on the final list of Five Star Wealth Managers.  Once awarded, wealth managers may purchase additional profile ad space or promotional products. 


SilverOak and its employees did not pay a fee to be considered for the Five Star award.  Once SilverOak’s employees were named as recipients of the award, our firm paid Five Star for additional profile advertising space.


For additional information and the complete listing, click on the link on the awards page



FT300: Top Registered Investment Advisors (2020)


For the fifth year, SilverOak was named a Financial Times Top 300 Registered Investment Advisor in 2020.


The Financial Times 300 is an independent listing compiled by Ignites Research, a Financial Times sister company.  Registered investment advisors (RIAs) with more than $300 million of assets under management (AUM) are invited to provide firm information, in addition to FT’s research and regulatory disclosures.  The formula that FT 300 uses to select the top 300 is based on six broad factors and calculates a numeric score for each advisor.  Areas of consideration include AUM, asset growth, the company’s age, credentials, SEC compliance record and online accessibility. 


Registered Investment Advisor firms do not pay a fee to the Financial Times for inclusion in the FT300 list.


For additional information and the complete listing, click on the link on the awards page



AdvisoryHQ Top 12 Best Financial Advisors in Mpls, St Paul, and Edina (2020)


SilverOak was listed in Advisory HQ’s Top 12 Best Financial Advisors in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Edina in 2020.


AdvisoryHQ Top 12 Best Financial Advisors list is compiled by Advisory HQ News Corp, a global news media and publishing institution.  Advisory HQ utilizes a multi-step selection methodology for identifying, researching, and generating lists in various areas, including financial adviser firms, services, credit cards and other products.  AdvisoryHQ utilizes publicly available sources and identifies a wide range of firms providing services in designated areas (city, state or local locations).  Selection criteria include company strengths, trustworthiness, transparency, professional reputation, managed assets, fees, services provided and many other factors.  Based on the results of the assessment, AdvisoryHQ’s research and selection team then finalize the list of entities that make it into its top rated publication, which are then published to the general public.


Firms do not pay a fee to be included in the AdvisoryHQ list. 


For additional information and the complete listing, click on the link on the awards page


CNBC – Top 100 Fee-Only Wealth Management Firms (2014)


SilverOak was recognized and named to CNBC’s list of the Top 100 Fee-Only Wealth Management Firms in 2014. 


The Top 100 Fee-Only list is compiled by CNBC Digital Editorial team, along with Meridian-IQ, an investment industry marketing and research company.  The CNBC/Meridian IQ team created a ranking methodology for its list.  Evaluation criteria were weighted according to a proprietary formula to arrive at a final total rank.  Factors included assets under management, professional designations, average account size, client segmentation, growth of assets, years in business, number of clients, and providing advice on insurance.  The CNBC team then applied the formula to create the list and a regulatory and compliant review ensuring that an advisory firm considered for the list did not have any complaints, actions or disclosures from regulators.


Firms do not pay a fee to be included in CNBC’s Top 100 Fee-Only Wealth Management Firm list.


For additional information and the complete listing, click on the link on the awards page. 

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