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Individual Income Tax Planning & Preparation

Estate planning, financial planning and investing are all intertwined with income tax planning. Individuals shouldn't consider one of these very technical areas without considering the others. Our vast expertise in each of these areas, coupled with our thorough understanding of our clients' unique situations and opportunities, allows us to analyze each income tax situation from multiple vantage points to create optimal solutions for each client.


Working with our in-house team of tax professionals, we provide customized tax advice to reduce our clients' current and future taxes. We incorporate tax deferral and tax bracket arbitrage strategies when necessary, as well as tax-loss harvesting. In order to provide the best ongoing service for our clients, we are continuously reviewing these strategies to ensure that they reflect both the current tax environment and the client's best interests for their overall financial plan.


Although we have the internal technical resources to provide a true "one-stop shop", including tax planning and preparation services, we recognize many of our clients have long-standing relationships with a tax professional outside of SilverOak. We respect these relationships, and embrace a collaborative process in working with these outside tax professionals on our clients' behalf to ensure that our clients continue to benefit from our comprehensive approach.

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