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Comprehensive Financial Planning

We translate dreams into dollars.


In its most basic form, a Financial Plan revolves around making individual decisions about how to save, invest, spend and share. Our analysis begins with a complete understanding of each client's assets, liabilities, income and expenses. We engage in detailed conversations about their short and long-term goals and objectives as well as how these may change over time. We listen closely to their plans for the future and carefully note the people, activities and causes that are important. We consider how various factors such as rates of return, inflation and taxes will impact the ability to achieve their goals.


Financial Plans provide a summarized picture of a client's financial health and retirement readiness. Scenario analysis is incorporated to measure the sensitivity of the inputs, which allows clients to make any necessary changes in order to adjust the course of the plan (such as saving more, spending less or delaying retirement). We consider this to be a continual process, and we partner with our clients to make sure their Financial Plan is always up-to-date and reflects all aspects of the client's current situation.


A key component of this partnership, and a major philosophy of the firm, is helping the client focus on the parts of the Plan that are under their control, such as creating a proper investment strategy and saving effectively. Focusing on these controllable factors is key, since consistently saving and investing prudently typically have the biggest impact on the success of a Financial Plan. However, we also incorporate those factors that are beyond anyone's control, such as market returns and government policies, and factors that are somewhat controllable, such as employment earnings and duration of employment.


We also help clients to optimize their insurance coverage to manage financial risk. Insurance is a critical component of our clients' financial health. Wealth can evaporate in the blink of an eye without the proper insurance coverage. There are many different types of insurance such as life insurance, disability insurance, property insurance (auto, home and umbrella), medical insurance and long-term care insurance. We work together with our clients and their insurance professional to review various insurance coverages to mitigate the potential financial impact of a claim.


We also provide stock option, restricted stock, and employee benefit plan analysis to ensure our clients are maximizing the benefits available through their employer. By analyzing our client's cash flows and assessing risk, we can create a proper retirement withdrawal strategy that helps to ensure their plan will be a success. At the conclusion of the financial planning process, our clients have a better understanding of how they are positioned to achieve financial independence and the steps they can take to influence the outcome.

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