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About SilverOak

Philosophy & Values

The heart of our firm is our underlying philosophy and values, which define who we are and the experiences you will have as a client of SilverOak.  These principles guide us in our everyday lives, decisions and interactions with you.  They permeate our organization and are our commitment to you, as we guide you on your journey to Plan to Live Well. 


We are a fiduciary to our clients and have a professional duty and responsibility to always act in your best interests, and to put your interests ahead of our own.  While acting in your best interests may be presumed, it is not universally practiced throughout the financial services industry.  At SilverOak, we welcome and embrace this higher standard of care to act in your best interest, and to align our advice and wisdom directly with the fulfillment of your life goals.  Befitting our role as a fiduciary, we have made a conscious decision to be a fee-only advisor. 


Why is that important to you?  It means we are compensated only by you.  We never accept any commission for any investment or insurance recommendation we make.  Our advice to you will always be thoughtful, objective and tailored to what is best for your personal situation. This is a guiding principle of our organization and our commitment to you. 


Transparency and ongoing, open, honest communications based on trust and integrity are the foundation of the relationship we will build with you.  We understand that your journey towards the achievement of your life and financial goals is a very intimate one and requires empathy, candor and objectivity from us.  We are committed to providing you with a safe, confidential space to discuss openly all of your financial concerns, goals and dreams.


We recognize that you are so much more than your finances, and your life experiences influence your financial goals.  To serve you well, our offerings are customized, comprehensive and integrated with your overall life and financial plan.  We have a multi-disciplinary team of experienced, thoughtful advisors ready to guide you on your Plan to Live Well.   Our culture fuels our team’s passion to learn and expand their knowledge so they can better serve you.  Continually striving for excellence in all we do will provide you with the confidence that you will be well-supported throughout your financial journey.


Our greatest reward is making a difference in our clients’ lives.  We are committed to our clients and the achievement of their dreams – not just for today, but well into the future.  It is an honor and a privilege to collaborate with you on your journey to Plan to Live Well.

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