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SilverOak Wealth Management LLC (SilverOak) is an independent boutique advisory firm serving individuals and families throughout the United States. Our comprehensive and customized approach to financial planning utilizes the knowledge and expertise of our team by integrating services such as income tax strategies, investment advice, cash flow management, estate planning and many others. We believe that providing prudent and thoughtful financial advice can only be accomplished by thoroughly understanding our clients' personal values, beliefs and long-term goals. Our multi-disciplinary team of experienced, thoughtful advisors partner with each of our clients throughout their life's journey. The members of our team have achieved a wide range of professional accomplishments and credentials, such as CFP, CPA, CFA, and MBT. We are always expanding and broadening our collective knowledge base through a variety of continuing education opportunities, further certifications and advanced degrees. Our culture fuels our team's passion to learn and expand their knowledge so we can continue to provide the best client experience possible.


SilverOak acts as a fiduciary to our clients, which is the highest level of care. This means that we have a professional duty to always act in the client's best interests, and to put their interests ahead of our own. Though it may seem like standard practice, this level of care is not universal in the financial services industry. At SilverOak, we welcome and embrace this higher standard of care. We also have made the conscious decision to be a fee only advisor. Why is that important? It means we are compensated only by our clients. We do not accept any commissions, 12b-l fees or other forms of trailing compensation. Our advice will always be thoughtful, objective and tailored to the fulfillment of each client's unique life goals. This transparency is a guiding principle of our organization and highlights our commitment to those we serve.

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