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As a corporate executive, you have a finite amount of time to divide between your personal and company life.  Although you may recognize the importance of personal financial planning, your time is consumed by other pursuits.  Time pressures, coupled with increasingly complex executive benefit plans, make financial and tax planning more daunting than ever.  Deciding which option or plan is best for you requires a deep understanding of your financial situation and short and long-term financial goals, as well as a thorough knowledge of your company’s benefit plans.  We can help.

We work with executives at various Fortune 100 companies and other premier organizations across the country, bringing our comprehensive wealth management, financial planning and tax consulting services to you. We invest an extensive amount of time in understanding your company’s unique benefit plans and your tax situation so you can spend your time as you choose.  We will advise you on your company plans and the options that would be most beneficial for you and your unique situation, ensuring your personal financial future is secure.

Our executive financial planning services include guidance regarding your company’s benefit plans, retirement planning, tax planning and preparation, investments, educational planning, estate planning and risk management strategies.

Questions frequently addressed by our services include:

  • Am I maximizing my company’s benefits?

  • Should I participate in 401(k) excess plans or deferred compensation plans and if so, to what level?

  • When should I exercise my stock options or sell my restricted stock units?

  • How will the recent change in my company’s benefits impact my finances now and in the future?

  • How do I minimize my income taxes and eliminate tax surprises?

  • Am I saving enough for retirement?

  • Can I afford to retire early?

  • Can I afford a second home?

  • What investments should I elect in my 401(k) plan?

  • Should I diversify some of the company stock held?

  • Have I saved enough for my children’s education?

  • Is my family’s future secure if something should happen to me?

  • What else should I be considering?

We are committed to creating a partnership of trust with you, thus allowing you to concentrate on the company’s needs while ensuring your personal financial goals are achieved.  Let us help you to Plan to Live Well.   

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