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About SilverOak

Our Mission is to be your financial partner for life – your trusted advocate and guide – helping you achieve a greater peace of mind. 

We believe that providing competent and thoughtful financial advice can only be accomplished by thoroughly understanding your personal values, beliefs and life goals.  There are many paths to financial well-being.  We collaborate with you and your other professional advisors to create a customized plan that provides for you and for the people and causes that you cherish – now and in the future.  We call it a

Plan to Live Well. 

As trusted advocates and guides, we welcome our fiduciary duty to put your interests first and are committed to provide wisdom and direction that will make a meaningful difference in your life.


We help you simplify your financial life and provide proven strategies to mitigate the economic impact of life’s challenges.  Life will never be worry-free, but you can enjoy the financial freedom, meaning and fulfillment that comes along with a prudent financial plan now and in the future.

How We Work Together

Just as no two snowflakes are alike, our clients are all unique.  Each person or family has a different financial story, distinct hopes and dreams and a very personal definition of success.  It’s not just about the numbers.  It is about so much more.  We are privileged and honored to be part of our clients’ lives, and we treat each relationship with professionalism, care and personal attention.


We recognize that great relationships don’t just happen; they require time, collaboration and commitment. It’s important for us to know as much about you as possible because your life history influences your financial goals and dreams today and into the future.  It is critical that we comprehend what is important to you, what keeps you up at night, and the legacy you want to leave.  We collaborate with you to create and implement a plan that integrates your personal values, beliefs and aspirations. 

Financial Freedom


One of the many benefits of financial freedom is knowing that you are prepared for life’s unexpected challenges.  Confident that you have carefully considered all aspects of your financial situation, you can experience life to its fullest and enjoy the people, places and causes that are important to you.  True wealth isn’t only about having enough money; it’s about having options and the opportunity to live the life you envision.

Don’t let your dreams be only dreams.  Let us help you Plan to Live Well.

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